How Our Wine Is Made


Each of the available wines were hand selected based on the owners' favorites. Once the perfect debut wine was selected, the freshly harvested grapes were ordered from California. The grapes were surprisingly and deliciously sweet! 


The next step of the process included destemming and sorting the grapes. It was important to weed out the good from the bad grapes; because only the best for the wines. Once all the good grapes were compiled, it was time to crush them... by hand! Talk about hard work! 


Now that the crushing was out of the way, we put our chemistry lessons to the test! It was important that all the ingredients that help make wine good and healthy to drink be added to the grapes. From there, the fermentation process had begun. 


Once the grapes had their time to ferment, it was on to the pressing, aging, racking and filtration process. Pressed out all the juice and left those skins behind. Let it age in an oak barrel. Removed all the sediments. Stabilized the wine. 

The final step in the process was probably the "easiest" because the wine was in the home stretch. How exciting! It was time to bottle, cork and label the wine! We work hard to get the wine to all our valued customers!


The winemaking process was filled with joy and fun!! Every second brought happiness. We hope you enjoy our wine as much as we do!